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Waco: A New Revelation [DVD]

$18.95 - On Sale

The ground breaking film Waco: A New Revelation is being re-released to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the Branch Davidians massacre that happened outside of Waco, Texas. This is the film that triggered a new Special Counsel investigation of the Waco tragedy, and caused the Justice Department and the FBI to reverse their long-held position on Waco. It generated a firestorm of events unprecedented in the history of documentary film making. Learn what really happened and why.

After six years of painstaking investigation, the complete story of the tragedy near Waco is finally coming to light. This compelling feature-length documentary presents new revelations about the events that led up to the deaths of 79 men, women and children at Mount Carmel on April 19, 1993.

Based on physical evidence recovered from the official Waco evidence lockers, chilling testimonies from former FBI, Special Forces and CIA operatives, and interviews with Branch Davidian survivors, Waco: A New Revelation presents evidence addressing the following questions:

Why didn't the Branch Davidians and their children come out of the compound?
Did the FBI actually start the Waco fire using pyrotechnics devices?

What was the role of the elite U.S. Army Delta Force at Waco during the final tank assault and why was their presence originally denied?

Does the trial of the Waco evidence lead to the White House?

Waco: A New Revelation--20th Anniversary Commemorative Edition contains two DVDs including the film The FLIR Project (produced and directed by Michael McNulty, 35 minutes) as an added special feature bonus. Other special features include a producer-director commentary, photo gallery and project theatrical trailers.

Not only is it important to remember those who died at the hand of federal agents, but it is important to remember why those federal agents were there in the first place. It was not because children were in danger, not because Koresh was a wanted criminal or criminally insane, but to seize firearms for alleged violations of gun laws. Anti-gun laws were the reason for the Waco tragedy and the death of dozens of innocent men, women and children. Will the Government press their enforcement of an assault weapons or magazine ban or universal gun registration to the degree of creating more Waco's? The shooting at Sandy Hook and call for more anti-gun laws make this film as relevant today as ever.